Thriving Carer


Supporting the emotional and psychological wellbeing of unpaid and working carers,

throughout their caring journey

Our Support for You

Thriving Carer is for every unpaid carer, wherever you are in the global caregiving family!.

Whether you think you may be taking on a caring role in the future; you have started your caring journey and are already caring for one or more loved ones or friends; you are an employer who wants to support their employees or whether your active caring has ended and beyond.

Unpaid and working carers come in all shapes and sizes! It doesn’t matter who you are caring for or for how long or how many loved ones you are caring for. Whether the role is full-time or part-time; whether you live with the cared-for-person or care remotely. Whether you even think of yourself as a carer or not, you are welcome.

Being an unpaid or working carer can make additional demands on you, non-carers might not think about. When you take or took on a caring role, you may still wish or need to continue to work or run your business. Continuing in a job or role when you start caring is a significant part of your identity and who you are, as well as providing psychological and financial benefits. However, you may be reluctant to share this new responsibility with your colleagues or employers and that can be isolating and distressing.

As active or former carers ourselves we understand that you can experience often-conflicting emotions and feelings, sometimes overwhelming you like multiple waves crashing over you, without giving you time to take a breath in between.

We will support you with building emotional resilience and to understand and to work on your mental wellbeing.

Thriving Carer is here for you and those who support youboth now and the future, whether at home, in the workplace or if you just want to feel like you every now and again.


We understand that everyone has different learning styles and that, as a carer, the opportunities to develop your knowledge or learn new skills may be limited. Some of these services will be delivered through local and regional carer support organisations and others, such as the community will be a service, with a small monthly membership fee,

So, with that in mind, we will be creating: 

  • regular articles
  • regular podcast episodes
  • regular free webinars
  • a variety of short, workshops, delivered through local carer support organisations
  • provide practical advice and guidance to entrepreneurs and business owners to support their employees who are working carer.

Recent Articles

Control the controllable, and let the rest go!

Control the controllable, and let the rest go!

This week I am exploring ‘Controlling the controllable and let the rest go’. In the first section, I am talking about what control is and what is the difference between control and influence. Then I will be looking at why it is important to recognise the impact trying to control events can have on your psychological wellbeing and then finally I explore how you can change the way you approach situations, that can be better for your own mental and physical wellbeing.

May Magical Music Month – Part 2 – Interview with Laura, Open Harmony

May Magical Music Month – Part 2 – Interview with Laura, Open Harmony

This is the second of a two-part series in May, exploring and celebrating the power of music. In this week’s article I share my interview with Laura Atyeo, Founder of Open Harmony, as we discuss how different elements of music can help different people to find joy, support and friendship.

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